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Officers Will Not Engage in Sexual Relations with or Date Enlisted Members.

Dating as set out here includes not only traditional, prearranged, social engagements between twomembers, but also includes more contemporary social activities that would reasonably be perceived to be a substitute for traditional dating. When evidence of fraternization exists, the fact that an officer and enlisted member subsequently marry does not preclude appropriate command action based on the prior fraternization.

Another said the squadron commander seemed to favor 'Blue Ropes,' a cadre of top performing military training instructors.

One witness stated Perry spent “extensive amounts of time” with his superintendent, that their relationship went 'beyond a normal working relationship' and that the Perrys had socialized with the superintendent and her family outside of work.

Spending time outside work with his superintendent -- his enlisted counterpart -- and her family.

He was reaching out to hurting enlisted members of his squadron and doing stuff that generally makes him and his wife sound like the dream command team. But sometimes you come upon a commander and spouse that actually care, that take the time to build the relationships the Air Force and other services have labeled as key to a good command climate and the opposite of toxic leadership.

That's like burning down the house because you saw a garden spider.

Because here's the deal: Sometimes commanders -- and their wives -- don't want anything to do with the little people (both O and E) under them. When we've made so much progress as a force in keeping up the O/E barriers necessary (and some are for professional reasons) while tearing down the ones that just cause animosity (like those between spouses), do we really need a message like the one given by this firing to muddle things up again?

Do we really need to hear that "fraternization" is bad and that we shouldn't be friends?

I will likely be mobilized in the next 1-2yrs for deployment but do not anticipate he & I ever being stationed or deployed together, or being under the same chain.

We have discussed marriage as well as ending things, even with huge romantic/lifepartner potential.

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